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Set Design 102 -- Draw the Space: The Stage

Big Thought

Now that you’ve identified your scene, you need to begin with the basics. First, you need to know the stage you’re designing for. Most set designers have few changes they can make to a stage. For this playlist, though, you can decide the stage you want.

You’ll find a link here to different stage types. Different stage designs set up performances in different ways. For example, a thrust stage reaches out into the auditorium, which affects how the audience watches the drama unfold. The audience might feel much more intimately involved with the actors.

What sort of interaction between the audience and the production do you want? Does your scene have other needs you need to take into consideration?

Take a photo of a drawing of the stage you're designing. The stage should be shown from above, as if you were looking down on the entire stage. On the same page as the photo, explain the design choices you've made.

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